Nearly 90% of books that are purchased are never read. It seems like 99% of those that are read are never implemented. Download the tools, reports, examples, videos, and templates below to take this information from a small book to a huge positive impact in your life and the lives of others. - Todd   

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"...more than DOUBLED net profit after just the first module!"

Brett Baker
"We sell hundreds of homes each year for millions in commission dollars, but it wasn’t u

I’ve made a name for myself as a marketer who happens to sell real estate. We sell hundreds of homes each year for millions in commission dollars, but it wasn’t until I learned from Todd Tramonte how to value our services and to communicate that value that we increased our profitability by over 100%. Yes, we more than doubled our net profit from this one idea. I also love the way Todd focuses on relationships and building a business based on the lifetime value of clients and team members.
- Brett Baker, Washington

"Two days of consulting w/ Todd Tramonte was worth more than years of other coaching."

Taylor Grant talks about his results with real estate coach Todd Tramonte.

"I’ve worked with many coaches and consultants including many of the biggest names in the real estate business and the two days I spent with Todd Tramonte in his "bunker" were more valuable than the years of coaching and masterminding I did with all of those organizations. There is no doubt I’ll add another $15,000 to $18,000 per month to my bottom line and that’s before I even implement most of the marketing Todd shared with me."
- Taylor Grant, Colorado

"...the best coach in the entire industry."

Rawlins Goldston talks about real estate coaching and consulting with Todd Tramonte & REGS.

"I've worked on teams with and learned from the biggest names in residential real estate and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that I'm blessed to be working with the best real estate coach and mentor in the world, Todd Tramonte.  The growth I made in the first week after joining was mind blowing."
- Rawlins Goldston, Texas

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